Avondale Strategic Partners

Strategic Advisory

Avondale draws on a full range of industry and functional expertise acquired over decades of experience serving as advisors to large and small companies internationally.

Our Approach

We form a partnership with management teams and business owners seeking to maximize the value of their business. We do this through the development of a robust plan to identify the potential areas of value creation and a means of capturing that value. In developing this plan, we work with our partner to clearly identify initiatives, detail action plans, create assignments of accountability for results, and develop a means of monitoring and evaluating performance.

We most often engage with management teams to jump-start their business in situations where they face:

  • Stalled Growth
  • Declining Profitability
  • Changing / “Broken” Business Model
  • Need for Quick-Wins

Further, when M&A is considered a strategic alternative to support a business’s growth strategy our professionals have the expertise to help our clients develop a roadmap to support management in the evaluation and execution of high priority investments.

Value Creation

We believe that value creation is achieved through four steps:

  1. Alignment among management and investors around a common goal: value improvement

  2. Development of a fact-based set of strategic priorities for value growth

  3. Rigorous evaluation of strategic alternatives around those priorities

  4. Disciplined execution of the highest-value strategic opportunities