Avondale Strategic Partners

Principal Investing

Our proactive approach to value creation and an active partnership with management make us ideally suited as partners for business owners and management teams seeking to drive significant incremental growth

Our Portfolio

Elagy is an insurance analytics and technology platform and digital MGA. Elagy’s technology identifies the best customers in any market and drives the customer through the sales and underwriting process. This drives down the customer acquisition cost and improves economics throughout the customer lifecycle, resulting in a preferred technology for insurance markets.


Peeled Snacks is leading manufacturer of healthy, organic snacks. Since 2005, Peeled Snacks has pursued the goal of making consumers feel good about snacking. A pioneer in the healthy snack category with convenient, nourishing, gently-dried fruit, Peeled Snacks recently introduced a line of crunchy Apple Clusters and a line of Trail Mixes. The company is committed to providing families with snacks that are delicious, nutritious, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Avondale has partnered with Peeled Snacks by providing growth capital as well as strategic and operational support, better positioning the company for long-term growth.


The Equus Group is a full-service executive search firm offering a highly customized approach to talent acquisition. Their elite team of experienced associates serve as trusted advisors to Chicago’s premier businesses and professionals.

Avondale partnered with an experienced team of executive recruiters to launch The Equus Group in 2014. The partnership aims to build a valuable and lasting franchise in executive search.


Phin & Phebes is a growing venture based in Brooklyn, New York. They produce all-natural, premium ice cream with memorable and unique flavors including Banana Whama and Vietnamese Iced Coffee among others. Phin & Phebes can be found in Whole Foods and other gourmet grocery stores throughout the Northeast

Avondale has partnered with the founders of Phin & Phebes by providing growth capital as well as strategic and operational support


F&B was acquired in 2011. Located in Phoenix, AZ, F&B is a leading manufacturer of highly specialized, precision component parts and sub-assemblies for the commercial and military aerospace and semi-conductor industries. The company specializes in components for engines, auxiliary power units and environmental control systems, and owns one of the world's largest and most complete hydroforming facilities

Avondale partnered with investors and management to drive a transaction that would infuse additional capital into the business to expand operations and fund future growth. F&B is currently seeking add-on acquisitions to expand service offerings and machining capabilities. To discuss add-on opportunities, please contact Rob Crisp (rob.crisp@avondalestrategicpartners.com).


SimpleServe Inc. is a new Denver, CO-based company building self-service point of sale systems for customers in the food service industry. SimpleServe offers reliable solutions that improve order-taking accuracy, operational efficiencies, and which reduce overhead costs.

Avondale has partnered with the founders to expedite their path to market, and to provide strategic guidance.